Wendy's not well, diagnosed with Graves disease

     Wendy's not doing well y'all!  She's been diagnosed with Graves disease and hyperthyroidism.  Fans pointed out to her that her eyes were bulging, which is a symptom of thyroid problems.  Graves disease is an immune system disorder that results in overproduction of thyroid hormones. 

     Wendy has been ordered by her doctor to take off three weeks, but she says she'll be back in two.  Remember, in October, Wendy passed out on her show after overheating in her Halloween costume, but we all said, at the time, that it looked like more was wrong.

     Get well Wendy!!

Lady BG

Lady BG

Lady BG was actually interested in television at first, but soon after earning a bachelor's degree in mass communications from WVSU, her first media gig was in radio. Read more


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