Full Trailer for New Whitney Houston Film


I know what you all are thinking " Why do we have another Whitney Houston docufilm again? I said the same thing until I realized that there will be so many more people in this film like Bobby Brown. 

According to Rolling Stone, "The clip previews the film's sweeping structure, touching on her early family life, ascent to fame and ultimate struggle with drug addiction. It also touches on her turbulent relationship with former husband Bobby Brown: "Bobby was jealous," an interviewee recalls. "He wanted to be on the stage; he wanted to be [at] the forefront. And eventually, she stepped down to lift him up."

One part that stood out to me was that Whitney seemed stressed and she expressed it. 

"People think it's so easy, and it's not," she says before criticizing a fellow pop artist. "Paula Abdul ain't shit. That girl is singing off-key on the record."

I can't wait till July 6th! 

DJ Supastar

DJ Supastar

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